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Commissioned Work

Making Memories

There is nothing more special to me than creating a custom piece for someone. From complex rooms that serve as proposal pieces, to smaller intimate book nooks to mark anniversaries, to intricate pieces that act as memento to places, significant people or significant events, I pour my heart into them all.

Each piece is personalised to you with items in the room related to events or meanings specific to your circumstance. They are my favourite pieces of art to create and feel like a collaboration between me and you.

Currently pieces take approximately three months to complete but this can change and vary depending on current waiting lists. Prices start at £300 for a personalised book nook with more complex larger rooms averaging £3,000, we decide on price once I fully understand your requirements.

My work is so important to me and I can’t tell you how humbled I feel that you want a piece of it in your home.

Commissioning Process

Starting off on the right foot

When collaborating on a piece I value transparency and clear communication and I have outlined the process of commissioned pieces below, so that you are fully aware before you contact me.  I always find that clarity up front means that we will both have the best experience.

Step One

I send you a questionnaire and I ask you to complete this as fully and detailed as you can as this all helps me determine the piece and price.

Step Two

I will send you a first draft mood board containing the items I will use in the room and a detailed list of the ‘easter eggs’ I will include for your approval.

If you want the piece to be a surprise for yourself then this step can be skipped, but please remember that once complete, it is hard to make changes.

Step Three

I will send you a quotation and contract. Please read the contract carefully. 50% of the total is due at the start of the project and the balance when the project is complete.

I prefer payment by bank transfer, however payment can be made via paypal but I will add a small fee to cover the paypal charges.

Quotations made are valid for a period of 30 days. If the deposit is not made within 30 days you will need to apply for a new quotation.

Step Four

If you want to keep updated on the progress I can do this and depending on the piece we can agree when these updates will be. A schedule of work will be sent out.

Step Five

I will send you a finished video of the piece and the ‘easter eggs’ included.

Step Six

The items are packaged and sent to you. Shipping is not included and we will together work out the best way to get the piece to you.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Pablo Picasso

Examples of My Work

Miniature Dining Room by artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love
Miniature Living Room by artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love
Miniature Library and cat by artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love
Miniature Music Room by artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love
Miniature greenhouse by miniature artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love
FromBeeWithLove Bronte Huskinson Miniature haunted bedroom with cat

A Few Things to Note

While most things in the piece will be stuck down some things that are moveable may need to be added when it arrives. You will get detailed instructions on this.

The item will be wrapped as carefully as possible and instructions about unpacking will be sent to you. However sometimes things move so a small pot of glue(U.K. only), some dust and a brush will be included for you to correct the piece if need be. Obviously, I will try everything in my power to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Pieces can take up to three months to complete so keep this in mind. This does not include postage time.

If after reading this you still think, ‘Yep,I’m in!’ then let’s continue this conversation. Please complete the form below, if my team does not get back to you within 48 hours, assume that I have not received your request and please email me directly.

Let's create something special