Love My Miniatures And Want To Own One?

I’ve got some great news for you!

For every room I’m creating in my miniature haunted house, I’m going to be creating 5 limited-edition book nooks.

And I’ll Be Giving One Away For FREE.

The first one available will be the library, of coarse.Then every other month I’ll release a brand new version with 5 limited editions, 4 to purchase and 1 to giveaway.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and know when they are coming out before anyone else sign up below to get early access. People on my list will automatically be added to the draw for the free book nook.

Miniature Library and cat by artist Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love

The First Limited Edition Book Nook

Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love holding her miniature library Book nook in red dress

I introduce to you the Library book nook.

This wonderful piece is a mini version of the haunted library with a shelf full of books and interesting treasures, a wonderful reading chair, and a long-forgotten table with a cup of tea.   

This will be one of my larger Book Nooks measuring at W14CM X H24CM X D17CM so it really makes a statement. It will be the more expensive of my book nooks so the ones coming after this will be around the £300 mark. 

If you want to purchase one of the four available you can do so below. You can also request that some of your favourite books can be put in here in miniature form of course. 

Each book nook will be made after an order is placed and can take up to a month to complete.

You can, of course, always request a custom piece if you miss out on one but they will not be exactly the same as these limited edition special pieces. 


Win A Library Book Nook

Buy A Limited Edition Library Book Nook

Bronte Huskinson From Bee With Love close up of miniature library book nook

A few things to know before ordering because I like to be clear.

  • The piece will take approximately one month to complete and pricing doesn’t include postage. When you order, we will give you an expected completion date.
  • The cost of the price does not include postage. We will discuss this when the item is complete.
  • I can not change anything in these pieces so if you want something different consider a custom piece.
  • While most things in the piece will be stuck down some things that are moveable may need to be added when it arrives. You will get detailed instructions on this.
  • The item will be wrapped as carefully as possible and instructions about unpacking will be sent to you. However, sometimes things move so a small pot of glue (U.K. only), some dust, and a brush will be included for you to correct the piece if need be. Obviously, I will try everything in my power to make sure this doesn’t happen.