“"we are all creative beings having a human expereince" Bronte Huskinson

Hi I’m Bronte (Bee) and with my camera, I create my own little worlds, each with a story to tell

I’m a visual storyteller who takes a rather whimsical and nostalgic view of the world. I’m inspired by literature, fictional worlds, myths and fairytales

I started creating while I was still at university and it’s been my full-time career since leaving. I’ve created for Photoshop, Disney, Logitech, Sky TV, and Marriott Hotels to name just a few. No two days are the same and I feel very privileged and fortunate to do what I do.

I strive to live a sustainable lifestyle, and I live in a rural village in Northamptonshire with my partner and two rescue cats who feature a lot on my instagram.

“I want to make people smile. I want to make people think. I want to make people feel inspired. I want people to see their potential. Even if it’s only just for a second!”
Bronte Huskinson


Bronte believes in conscious collaboration, and influencer accountability and responsibility. 

“I will not knowingly ever promote single-use plastic items. I’m passionate about the environment and the damage that single-use plastic is causing and I will not promote it. Sometimes, without my knowing, items are packaged or arrive in single-use plastic, I try my best to avoid this and discourage it.”

“I will never promote something knowingly tested on animals. This for me is just a given. I always do my research and check online as much as I can but I’m not perfect and may miss something.”

“I will promote sustainable fashion wherever possible. I am a proud outfit repeater and try my very best to purchase items that come from small ethical retailers. I do succumb to the occasional fast fashion item, I’m human, but wherever possible I will promote garments that are not designed to be disposable.”

“I will never promote anything that is designed to play on people’s fears. Nor those that make them feel bad about themselves, end of.”

“I will never knowingly work with a company or organisation that is discriminatory in any way. And, I will always try and work with companies that are as diverse as possible.”

“When I travel I will always aim to be respectful of where I am, the culture and the environment. I will choose locations that are not fragile or considered at risk from over-tourism.”

“And of course, I will do all this by being as kind as I can to myself, others, and the environment.”


As an Influencer

Bronte collaborates with brands, businesses, authors, and more to create fresh, innovative content that not only gets attention, but drives action. Bronte’s audience of 50k+ collectively, and is highly engaged. She is mindful, selective, and limits her influence work to collaborations that align with her beliefs, passions, and values.

As a Storyteller

Bronte’s creative work is dynamic and designed to have the element of storytelling and the type of message that resonates with the intended audience. The magic behind Bronte’s visual storytelling is based on a simple methodology gleaned from working on 1000’s of branding, marketing, and promotional projects.

As a Bookish Photographer

Bookish Photography was born in 2017, to collaborate with authors and publishers to sell books by telling their stories visually. To date, Bronte has told 1500 stories during more than 130 projects. Bronte pairs visual storytelling with creative content to help authors and publishers get more reach, more readers, and ultimately sell more books.

As a Social Media Consultant

Without advertising, paid placement, and unethical practices like follow/unfollow and loop giveaways, Bronte grew her Instagram account into a successful influence business, while at University and publishing her first book. Beyond Instagram, her knowledge of social media marketing is proven by the results she brings to every project.

As an Author & Writer

From short stories to books, Bronte’s writing is chocked full of depth, sarcasm, and wit. With a degree in Publishing & Creative Writing, Bronte offers the eye of a young millennial and a seasoned character-driven approach for your next book or writing project. She wrote her first book when she was 16 and has learnt a lot since then. She is currently working on her next book and hopes to publish again soon.